Our "HOT-MELT-LINE "® test laboratory is equipped with a LABO Electrostatic Oiler suitable to make exhaustive tests of both "Hot-Melt" and liquid lubricants reproducing at best working conditions of full-size production machines.

The LABO machine has the following basic characteristics:

- Applicable products: "Hot-Melt" and conventional oils.
- Fast changement from "Hot-Melt" to oil and vice-versa.
- Machine simple to run and service.
- Wide range of grammage and speeds.
- "Wide range" and standard blade.

Our machine works on the principle to melt and keep melted at controlled temperature the solid material throughout the complete circuit including melter, pump, blade and oiling enclosure body so to apply it as easily as a conventional oil by means of the electrostatic field.

The machine can be stopped when needed also for long periods of time and restarted without any difficulty in the comparatively short time required to remelt the lubricant solidified in the machine circuits.

Heating of the enclosure is made by circulation of diathermic fluid through the double bottom and by a "Hot-Booster". This is a new device representing an important step in the continuous improvement of our "HOT-MELT-LINE®" electrostatic oilers to cope with the most high melting point dry lubricants now present on the market.

These products tend to settle and solidify on every inner part of the enclosure which are not in the immediate proximity of the heated enclosure surfaces such as blades supports, protections, cables and hoses.

We found out that the most efficient way of avoiding this hard settlements was to create a gentle hot air recirculation through the central part of the enclosure.

This has been obtained recirculating the heated air inside the enclosure by means of a fan through a radiator in which the diathermic fluid is circulated.

The now numerous industrial applications confirmed the great efficiency of the "Hot-Booster" that is therefore installed on all our "HOT-MELT-LINE®" enclosures, including the LABO units.

The machine is fully automated by means of a PLC controlled and monitored by a touch-screen type operator panel.

All functions, working parameters and alarms are clearly shown on the OP display.

"HOT-MELT-LINE"® is a registered trade-mark and these particular oilers are covered by international patents.

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